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TV Pro focuses on Media100 media concept with the following specifications:

Digital Suite
Media 100XS digital on-line, nonlinear suite incl. 6.0 software, 1T Bite ultra wide SCSI, Seagate video HD (RORKE DATA), dual monitors, Sony Trinitron and Bang and Olufsen MX 28 vision, Waveform, Vector cope. Mackle digital mixer, active Roland + Boss monitors, Ramsa. Digital video machines/storing DVC-pro, DV cam, mini DV, DAT, DVD ram/rom (5.2 GB), CD-rom (4-2-6) Beta cam SP, U-matic HB, HI-8, S-VHS. #. Part plug-in. DVE software, BorisFx, AfterFx, Commotion, Photoshop, Director, Media Cleaner pro, Extreme 3D, and more

Motion Jpeg, QuickTime, film streaming, Wave and AIFF, Mpeg 1-3.

Kork M1 synthesizer with digital Akai sampler and Cubase Score midi-control (Mac-platform) DAT and CD-rom mastering.

TV Pro has, moreover, additional production equipment, cameras, sound, lights, and speaker studio facilities.