TV pro is centrally placed with great parking facilities; it is placed only a few minutes walk from Copenhagen City Hall and Tivoli, being the neighbour of DGI-city.

TV pro has several advanced editing suites with meeting facilities present, and rest room and access to kitchen and spa; overall totalling 150m2 .We have aimed at creating a modern and aesthetic environment based on quality making the frame for work cosy.

The suites are quite and undisturbed making it possible to concentrate on the work task i.e. post production/editing. The facilities are rented out on an hour basis or a day basis according to prior agreement, tel.: +45 4051 5115.

We work with the latest and most advanced technology with in quality digital equipment, from tape recorders – editing tools; matching the Discovery Channel, BBC, CNN and more; we have furthermore chosen to work on the basis of the Media 100 concept; a swift and flexible digital editing form, the technology providing the best picture quality and colour reproduction.