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Chief of Defence Denmark
Recruitment commercial for the Pilot Educational Programme in the Army

Chief of Defence Denmark
Duration: 40 seconds

Lundbeck A/S
External company profile for the international market

H. Lundbeck A/S
Duration: 7 minutes

The Stock Exchange, The Danish Chamber of Commerce
The 250’s anniversary of the Stock Exchange with Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe the 2nd at the gala performance at the Danish Royal Theatre, and at the Executive Club and the banquet at the Stock Exchange.

The Stock Exchange, The Danish Chamber of Commerce
Duration: 7 minutes

Cannes Music Festival
A variety of presentations of leading Danish musicians/music videos for sales pitch at the Cannes Music Festival

Duration: 2 minutes

Niels Brock
Company Profiles for the international market

Niels Brock, CBC
Duration: 10 minutes

Lundbeck Pharma A/S
Educational programmes for psychiatric training for doctors, and audio production for the depression training programme

Pharma A/S
Duration: 7 minutes

Foss Electric A/S
Product presentations, BactoScan series-products, Video and CD-Rom

Foss Electric A/S
Duration. 4 minutes      

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